“I love driving trucks as well,” says Vaidotas Žala

Lithuania’s Agrorodeo team is off to the 2019 Dakar Rally. Driver Vaidotas Žala and co-driver Saulius Jurgelėnas left their homes in Vilnius headed for the French port of Le Havre, where the European teams will load their vehicles for the voyage to Peru. The team transported their vehicles in a Scania truck, and Žala took the wheel.

“Although I drive race cars every day, I also love driving trucks. This year, I decided that it would be interesting to drive myself to France.” says Žala, who this year will compete in his fourth Dakar Rally.

Failing to finish the last two rallies in South America, the Lithuanian crew have changed their car for something that they hope is more reliable.

“It’s tempting to tell myself that the previous race was the hardest ever, and that the next one will be better,” says Žala. “But the Dakar always finds ways to surprise you.”

The 5,000 km long 2019 Dakar Rally will be held in Peru between 6 and 17 January.